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The number one challenge business owners, CEO’s and Entrepreneurs face today is making the call. Understanding what to do differently that will make a significant impact on your bottom line can be daunting. Small adjustments can make big difference in performance.

To quote my friend Michael Burt “You cannot see the picture when you are inside the frame, you cannot stir the pot when you are in the bowl.”

Q: How can a good coach help you make the call?  
A: A good coach will tell you some things you might not want to hear, a good coach will make you do some things you may not want to do. A good coach will help you reach beyond your potential and reach the goal line.

Everybody needs a good coach, Olympians, actors, great CEOs, and every professional athlete has a coach!

Professional athletes practice their craft and get feedback for continuous improvement. Their coach helps them see what is working and what is not working and then guides to make better decisions. Their coach gets them in the right mindset, positions them make the right adjustments and ensures that their efforts are the most productive use of their time.

Successful business professionals have a coach too.

Successful business professionals are hungry to reach their highest potential. They want to take life to the next level and achieve even more success.

Do you know what calls you need to take in order to move the sales dial? Or are you like many executives who are stuck striving for mediocrity?

Are you curious to find out what your potential really is? Let’s chat. Whether or not we work together, I am confident our conversation will offer insights and actionable steps that can help you begin to make the call.

Making the Call for Your Company



Having officiated over 1000 games and 20 playoff games in my 25 year career as a Texas High School football official and having a successful sales and marketing career, I understand what it takes to be competitive both on and off the field. That is why in growing my business I have had great success in sales, leadership and team coaching. Now I am coaching other business professionals so they can reach their Peak Potential.

► Here is what I can do for you:

✓ Help your team reach their goals
✓ Team motivation
✓ Find the holes in your systems – selling, leadership, management, team
✓ Produce a scalable selling system
✓ Not enough first downs

► Let’s huddle up.

My unique, proven selling system gets results. By adding some balance to your routine, providing some small adjustments with skills, knowledge and goal setting, results will happen. This means that sales, leadership, and first line managers in your company are producing and growing your bottom line.

Whether or not we work together, I am confident our conversation will offer insights and actionable steps that can help you begin to move the ball down the field. Everybody needs a good coach. | 817-307-3287 |

Keynote Speaking


Contact me today about your next Keynote or Association meeting. Bringing humor, knowledge, experience, and RESULTS to your next meeting. 



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"  courage is fear holding on a minute longer. "  George S. Patton

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After getting to know John over a couple months through CRG, I decided to hire him to provide coaching services for me and the business.  John brings a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and experience that has helped me grow as a leader, clarify goals, and overcome obstacles that were preventing me from reaching my full potential and setting / achieving meaningful goals in life and business.

One thing I like is the systematic approach that John helped me with as it relates to setting goals and establishing clear priorities. I now more fully understand the components of goal setting and have a proven and ongoing method to turn general ideas into specific goals, and ultimately results. Doing so, has helped me to enlarge my thinking and achieve a much higher potential that I previously imagined in all aspects of life and business. 

John is an encourager, highly supportive and also a great friend and mentor. He is a great coach and continues to help me to live life to the fullest and improve in all areas of life, including but not limited to family, physical, spiritual, social, financial, mental and beliefs.

Working with John has been a game-changer for me, both personally and professionally. I would highly recommend John to anyone looking to develop the potential that lies within you, so that you increase your capability to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals in life and business.

I think everyone needs a good coach, and John Burt is a great coach!


Mark S. McIntosh

Founder & CEO



"Every team needs a coach". No athlete ever became great without a coach. John is the answer when your business needs an outsider to give you a different perspective. He sees what you can't, recommends what works, and pays for himself in profits. And his easy going manner makes it a great experience! 

Mark Mehling

Take Control Marketing

 I highly recommend John Burt and Peak Performance sales training. Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford's business development staff have been working with John for over 5 months and found the training to be very valuable.
Michael Hoffer

AIA, Principal  

I have known John for a couple of decades and find him to be an honest, accomplished and competent sales person with so much to share with others.

Kent Couch, Managing Partner

Paraclete Ventures LLC


Hey John, I’ve already seen improvement! Just keep up the good work. We can address others as time goes on including me.

Iric Gachman


Gachman Metals

John H Burt

John H Burt

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